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金沢大学附属図書館 / Kanazawa University Library
Fundamental Philosophy and Mission

金沢大学附属図書館 基本理念と目標



■ 利用者志向のサービス


■ 学術情報基盤の整備


■ 学生支援


■ 知の拠点




■ 知の多様性


■ 図書館職員の志


(平成21年12月8日 図書館委員会承認)

Kanazawa was a capital of the Kaga Province, once known as "Tenka no shofu"-the World's Leading Library. It was known for its deep fondness of scholarship and having the subtle sensibility that wove traditional beauty with novel designs unflattering to the trend of times. By succeeding these elements, the Kanazawa University Library aims to form a solid foundation for the University's scholarly information and provide detailed support to all users. 

Indeed, the Kanazawa University Library's mission is to engage in the compilation, arrangement, preservation, and dispatch of academic information resources, and embody a total service that will ensure satisfaction to each and every book and user, so as to support the philosophy of Kanazawa University as stated in its charter: "To be a research university that stresses education and is open to its region and the world," to promote "the brilliant creation of knowledge," and "Self-studying," of the students.

Thus, the Kanazawa University Library aspires to achieve the goals set forth below.

■ User-friendly Service

By strengthening the capabilities of our three-branch structure that utilizes the characteristics of the Central Library, the Natural Science and Technology Library, and the Medical Branch Library, we will constantly strive to understand the needs of students, teaching staffs, employees, and citizens of the community, and offer leading-edge, high-quality services that satisfy those needs.

■ Development of Scholarly Information Infrastructure

Using advanced information and communications technology, we will develop an advanced scholarly information infrastructure to support education and research, and engage in an efficient accumulation and management of various scholarly information resources, both printed and digital, as well as offer the best access tools.

■ Students

To support our students' self-learning, spontaneous research, and independence as working members of the society, we aim to assemble a substantial collection of books for use in learning and research, as well as resources that support career education and job hunting while working to create a comfortable environment for learning.

■ A Knowledge Base

As a knowledge base of East Asia, we will accumulate its intellectual researchresults in the Kanazawa University Repository for Academic Resources (KURA)and provide them to both domestic and foreign users.

■ An Intellectual Crossroads

As an intellectual crossroads that transcends time and space, we will protectthe assets which have been inherited from the predecessor school and predecessorsin relation to our University, and provide stable access to these assets,as well as a system of preservation management.

■ Intellectual Diversity

To promote a diverse academic interchange with the local and international communities, we will actively lead cooperation with the local community and enrich the service for exchange students and researchers with different cultural backgrounds.

■ Aspirations of the Library Staff

To achieve the misson and fundamental philosophy of the Kanazawa University Library, the library staff will continually strive to advance their qualifications and aim to develop and enrich the facilities and equipment.

December 8, 2009, Approved by the Library Committee

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