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User's Guide - Health Science Library


Health Science (HS) Library is located on the first floor of the School of Health Sciences Hall 3.

[Library Calendar]
Please look at the library calendar on our website.


WeekdaySaturdaySunday & Holiday
During the term 8:45 - 22:00  *10:00 - 17:00 -
Vacation 8:45 - 17:00 --

- An IC card key is required to enter the School of Health Sciences Hall 3 which the library is located in on Saturdays and after 20:00 weekdays. External uses cannot use the library when the building is locked.

- Library will close at the end and beginning of the year and during summer vacation and sometimes temporally.


1. How to use library

[Students, auditor, research students, part-time lecturers]

  • Student ID or Staff ID can be used as library card. External users need to ask at the counter.
  • Library card is necessary for borrowing books and extending the loan period. Please be sure to bring it with you.
  • You can use other libraries in Kanazawa University with the library card.


  • Please fill out an "External user reception sheet" at the service desk to enter the library.
  • External users can browse and photocopy materials in library.
  • Those who own library card can borrow up to three books for two weeks (magazines cannot be borrowed.)
  • We can issue library cards to KU graduates, KU retired staff, those who live in Ishikawa, Toyama and Fukui prefectures and those who study in or commute to Ishikawa pref. Please bring one of proof of residential address documents such as a driver’s license.
  • E-journals and database such as ICHUSHI-web can be browsed between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm weekday.

2. Loan/Return Materials

  • Please use the self-operated borrowing machine in front of the service desk.
  • You can borrow/return books and bind journals and extend the loan period with the machine.
  • Only materials with barcode label of the library can be checked in/out with the machine.
  • Non-bind journals, videos, DVDs and books with appendixes need to be checked in/out at the service desk.
  • Please use the book post next to the entrance of library to return books.
  • If you borrow materials over the loan period, overdue penalty will be applied. You cannot borrow any material for the period of delay.
  • You can renew materials (books only) only once at the service desk or the self-borrowing machine, via telephone or website.

   [Loan period and maximum number of library items on loan] (Internal Users)

Item typeLoan periodLimit
General books/Workbooks2 weeks6
Reference booksIn-library use only-
Bind journals1 week3
Non-bind journals1 day3
* Video/DVD1 week3

(Visitors can borrow up to three general books only for two weeks.)

*Some videos and DVD are in-library use only. Please watch them at the AV corner in library.

  • Renew (Extension of loan period): You can extend the loan period of books once.

3. How to find materials

Search for in-library materials ]
Please use OPAC plus, which is Kanazawa University library catalog. You can search in-library materials retrieving the title or the author’s name.

Location of materials shown in KU OPAC plus
医保, 医保図書室Health Science Library
医保看護, 医保放射, etc.Laboratory of School of Health Sciences
医分, 医図書, 医Medical Library
図, 自図, etc.
Central Library/Natural Science and Technology Library

[Search for academic articles]
Use databases in Information Search Tool.(in JP) 

[Read articles of e-journals]
You can read articles of e-journals which Kanazawa University subscribes. Please read the e-journal list.

4. Location of Materials

We own materials as follow.

Open shelves
  • Newly arrived Japanese and foreign journals
  • Bind Japanese journals (After 2002)
  • Japanese and foreign books
  • Newly arrived books
Compact shelves
  • Back issues of bind foreign journals
  • Back issues of bind Japanese journals (until 2001)
  • Old Japanese and foreign books
There are AV corner, PC corner,and Group study room in library.
Books are arranged by classification number, and journals are arranged in alphabetical order or Japanese syllabary order in Roman letter.

      [Classification of Library] NDC

      000 General500 Engineering
      100 Philosophy600 Productive Arts
      200 History700 Fine Arts
      300 Social Sciences800 Languages
      400 Natural Sciences 900 Literature

      <Classification for nursing library>* Books classified as 492.9 are marginalized as following.

      N000 General WorksN600 Geriatric Nursing
      N100 Fundamentals of Nursing N700 Psychiatric Nursing
      N200 Nursing SciencesN750 Nursing for Mentally and Physically Handicapped Persons
      N300 Maternity NursingN800 Community Health Nursing, Home Nursing
      N390 MidwiferyN860 Family Nursing
      N400 Pediatric NursingN880 Disaster Nursing
      N500 Adult NursingN900 Nursing for Each Condition

5. Copying Service
You can use photocopier in library and make copies of materials in library.
  • Please fill in and submit an application form to make a copy of books in the library.
  • A copy card is necessary for copying. Please purchase one at the university coop in advance.

6. Order materials which are not owned by HS library (ILL request)
  • You can make a request for a loan of materials and copies of documents which our library doesn't own.
  • Please login to “Library Online Service” with Kanazawa University ID and order at “Article/Book Request thru Inter-library Loan.”
  • In case you request material loan and document copies, you need to pay for postage and/or copying fee.
  • You can check the status at our website, “Library Online Service.”

7.Group study room 
  • Please ask at the service desk when you want to use the group study room which is for research and study in a group using library materials.

8. Book Purchase Request
  • Students can request the library to purchase books which need to be owned by library for study and research.
  • Please request online at “Book Request” of “Library Online Service.”