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FAQ - Natural Science & Technology Library

See below for FAQs of each library.

Information for persons affiliated with the University. (students, faculty and staff members, etc.)Information for the general public.Information for persons affiliated with the University and the general public.

[1] General Library Use

Q1-1. What should I do in order to enter the Natural Science & Technology Library?

You can enter freely.

Q1-2. Can I eat or drink in the library?

You may drink beverages of a container with a lid such as a plastic bottle. Eating is prohibited in the library. Drinking water servers are available on both the 1st and 2nd floors. Please help yourself.

Q1-3. It is hot (or cold). What kind of HVAC system does the Natural Science & Technology Library have?

Chilled water is pumped from the university energy center to the Natural Science & Technology Library, where it is used to cool air that is circulated on every floor.The energy center produces chilled water for the entire university at one location. The schedule for the production of chilled water is the same for the entire university. The air conditioning at the Natural Science and Technology Library is not an independent function. It is governed by the university-wide plan.
* Heating is with the help of hot water circulated from the energy center.

Q1-4. Why do some of the lights get turned on and off?

In the Natural Science & Technology Library, sensors detect the presence or absence of people, and turn the lights on or off accordingly. When the sensors detect movement, they turn the lights on. Even if people are present, the lights will be turned off if they remain still. These sensors are installed in the stacks, turning the lights o n and off. The lights in the carrels remain on.
* We request your cooperation in our efforts to conserve energy.

Q1-5. Why is flushing water in the Natural Science & Technology Library toilets murky?

We call the flushing water in the toilets gray water, but it is actually well water. It is not potable tap water. The water in the sinks, of course, is potable.

Q1-6. Where is the Natural Science & Technology Library's smoking area?

Smoking is prohibited in the buildings. The nearest smoking area is at the north side of the coop shop on the G1 floor.

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Q1-7. Is the Natural Science & Technology Library open on Saturdays and Sundays?

The library is open Saturdays from 10:00 to 17:00, but is closed on Sundays and holidays. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, you can't enter at the Natural Science and Technology Main Hall's main entrance, so you can enter at the north entrance.
Please check the SATURDAY, SUNDAY and HOLIDAY route.
Opening times do change, so be sure to check the calendar.

[2] Use of facilities

Q2. I want to use a private room or a group study room on the G1 of the library.

Use the facilities reservation menu on the library's Web site to make a reservation in advance. On the scheduled day, present your student ID (or library card) at the counter to receive the key. Facilities are available for use on weekdays from 09:00 until 30 minutes before closing. Only a single two-hour reservation can be made at one time. (This can be extended if there is no one waiting for the room.)Reservations not meeting these conditions will not be approved.

General users may not use the private rooms or group study rooms on G1 floor. We apologize for this inconvenience.

[3] Checkout

Q3. Can I check out journals, magazines or newspapers?

You can check out journals and magazines for 3 days, but you can't borrow the latest issue. And you can't borrow newspapers.

[4] Location of materials

Q4. Where are last month's newspapers?

Newspapers for the previous month are kept at the counter. Please ask for them there.

[5] OPAC

Q5-1. I used OPAC to search, but I don't know how to read the holdings status.

The locations of Natural Science & Technology Library materials are shown in the chart below.

OPAC (location)FloorRemarks
自然図1F雑誌1F Open accessWestern journals in alphabetical order, Japanese periodicals in hiragana order.
自然図1FAV資料1F Open accessExcept some materials, you can borrow them. See these at the multimedia corner.
自然図2F一般図書2F Open accessBooks are arranged in order of the call number affixed to the spine.
自然図2F参考図書2F Open accessFor use only inside the library.
自然図2F貴重書室2FAfter procedures are completed at the counter, the staff will assist you.[from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays]
自然図自動化書庫1F At the counterNot entered into the Automated Book Storage System. Must be called up using the dedicated terminal (Kanazawa University ID needed).
自然図大型図書2FInquire at the counter.
自然図G1保存書庫/自然図G2書庫G1F/G2F(closed access)Inquire at the counter. [from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays]
自然図作業中NoneSorry, you can't use these materials.

Please check the [Floor Map].
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Q5-2. I used OPAC to search, and the holdings status of the document was 自然図自動化書庫 (Natural Science and Technology Library Automated Book Storage System). How do I use materials in the Automated Book Storage System?

To use materials in the Automated Book Storage System, execute call procedures using the dedicated terminal in front of the counter. You will need your Kanazawa University ID. After performing call procedures, write the reception number on one of the memo slips provided, and wait in front of the counter. When your materials arrive, your number will be called. If it is a magazine or journal that can only be used inside the library, please return it to the counter on the same day. Books can be checked out. Books may be requested until 30 minutes before closing.

When general users request to use materials in the Automated Book Storage System, library staff will assist them to call out the materials. They should present their requests at the counter. Books may be requested until 30 minutes before closing.

Q5-3. I used OPAC to search, and the holdings status of the document was "工"(or "薬" or "理"). Where should I go to find this document?

When the holdings status of the document is "工"(or "薬", or "理"), the materials are held by the indicated laboratory. If this is a laboratory in your own department or school, the laboratory holding the materials will be notified, and you can make your request directly to an instructor. If it is a different laboratory, please use the ILL.

When general users wish to use materials held by laboratories (copy or checkout), they should make their request through a public library close to their home or the library of their own university.