List of Contacts

Please contact the offices listed below for more information about the Kanazawa University Library:

The following is the list of FAQs and answers. Please refer to it before contacting the offices.
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● Services

Libraries Central Library Medical Library Health Science Library Natural Science and Technology Library
Opening Hours/Days/Schedule Central Library Office Medical  Library Health Science Library Natural Science and Technology Library Office
Issuing a library card
Books checked out
(returns, renewals, lost books, etc.)
How to use library Resources
Services for users outside the university
Library tours
Copy/Loan Requests to other universities Interlibrary Office
Use of libraries at other universities
Acceptance of Copy/Loan Requests from outside the university
How to use E-Journals Periodicals and Electronic Research
How to use Databases
Library homepage

● Contacts for Services

TEL FAX e-mail
Central Library Office 076-264-5211 076-264-5208
Interlibrary Office 076-264-5212 076-264-5208
Medical Library Office 076-265-2141 076-234-4211
Health Science Library Office 076-265-2518 076-234-4355
Natural Science and 
Technology Library Office
076-264-6554 076-264-6553

● Regarding office procedures on books and periodicals
Library Administration Office: 076-264-5200 FAX number: 076-234-4050

Inquires Contact Offices e-mail
Regarding general office procedures Administration
Book purchases Book Information Office
Budget for book purchases
Regarding data in OPAC (Books)
Return of the books in research room
Suspension of periodical subscriptions Periodicals and Electronic Research Office
Periodical binding
Regarding data in OPAC (Periodicals)
Return of the periodicals in research room