Environmentology Collection

Environmentology Collection

Since 2010, we have been collecting materials, published at home and abroad, that are associated with the environment. Kanazawa University promotes environmental education programs for both undergraduate and graduate students as a part of our midterm plan. The collection will be utilized as its basic materials.
The collection is available at the Natural Science and Technology Library.

環境学コレクションについて← Download a leaflet (in Japanese)

How to access materials

Books 環境学コレクション図書
You can find the collection on the special shelves on the second floor of our NST library.

You may borrow books from the collection through the usual procedure.

Electronic books (e-book) ebook写真
We have also collected electronic books regarding the environment.

You can access them through the internal LAN at Kanazawa University. E-book titles on are served through OPAC plus, our online retrieval system.

 For details, see the following link:
   ■ E-book collection regarding the environment

Audio-visual materials 環境学コレクションAVブース
The audio-visual booth, placed adjacent to the shelves with the collection, is available. It is designed not to leak too much sound.

Some materials are available only for use inside the library. 

Pertinent Information (in Japanese)
■ UNESCO Associated School Section

■ Corporations with Communities or Corporations on donation or educational activity

■ Our policy of the Colection