Learning Support by University Library

The libraries of Kanazawa University offer learning support through a network of Learning Advisor (LA), Learning Concierge for International Students (LeCIS), and Academic Advisor (AA) to assist students at all levels and courses.

The learning support offered by LA, LeCIS and AA is not only conducted face-to-face but also provides online learning support via Zoom, starting earlier this year. All students are encouraged to access these services.


What you can ask and learn is…

・How to study specific subjects                                  ・English conversation practice

・How to write reports or papers                                 ・Language learning support

・How to prepare good presentations                            ・How to use the library resources

・Language editing and proofreading                          ・Support for basic science subjects

Method to use our learning Support

1. Face-to-face learning support

We provide face-to-face learning support in the following places.

Choose an advisor and schedule depending on what you want to learn/know and languages from the timetable available at the Library entrance or homepage.


 Place : LA@Central library group studio A

          LeCIS for liberal arts students@Central library group studio B

          LeCIS for the science course@NST library in front of service desk

            AA@Central library group studio A

2. Online Learning Support

 ①What you need is

 A computer, cellphone, or tablet with a microphone and camera.

 To learn how to use Zoom, please access the video: Join a meeting.

 ②Select time schedule and an advisor

 We offer the service based on the following timetable.

 (Notice: Currently, you do not need to make an appointment)

 Choose an advisor and time depending on what you want to learn/know and languages.

 ③Access to Zoom from LMS course

 From Acanthus Portal LMS course>Special course> Online learning Support by University Library, students can see

 Zoom meeting link, meeting ID and password.

LMS special course Central Library LA and AA

LMS special course Central Library LeCIS

LMS special course NST Libray LeCIS

・It might take some time to let you in the meeting.

・No reservation required now.

   If you cannot access to the meeting, please try accessing the meeting after 30 minutes.

・If the advisor is not available, we will let you know via “timeline” on LMS website.

Central Library (LA・LeCIS・AA) Time table

NST Library (LeCIS) Time table


3. Attention

●The discussion should be within 30 minutes.

●When you are offered face-to face learning support, please don’t forget to wear a mask.

●If questions can be written down, please prepare documents in advance so that an advisor

 who uses Zoom can clearly understand the questions by showing it.