(Finished)Survey of users of the NST Library (Natural Science and Technology Library) (May 24 to June 24)

This survey has ended.Thank you for your many answers.


To all students, faculty and staff


Thank you for your continued use of the NST Library.

Currently, the NST Library is considering new ways of using the G1 floor in order to revitalize its use. This survey is being conducted to improve services and to promote the use of the NST Library, based on the opinions of those who regularly use the NST Library. We would appreciate your cooperation in completing this survey.


In addition, 20 people who answer the questions from Q4 onwards will be selected at random to receive a special clear file from the Affiliated Library!


1.Eligible participants: Students, faculty and staff of this university

2.Period: May 24, 2024(Friday) to June 24, 2024(Monday)


Please answer the survey here. (Time required: 10 minutes, Anonymous, * indicates required fields.)



[Contact Information] NST Library  nst-lib@adm.kanazawa-u.ac.jp

20 people will be selected at random. Please choose one of the two types!