Medical Library User’s Guide

Central Library/Natural Science and Technology Library  |  Health Science Library

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Library Hours

 Weekdays    8:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m.
 Saturdays  10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (sometimes 4:00 p.m.)
 Sundays/Holidays  10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (sometimes 4:00 p.m.)
     Note: As library hours may vary according to the university’s academic calendar, please be sure to check the library calendar before coming to the library.


  • A library card or other ID card  is not required to enter the library. However, external visitors are requested to fill out an External user reception sheet at the service desk before entering the library.  
  • External users can use the library documents and materials only for the purposes of medical study or research.

Floor Guide

Click here for the floor map.

I. First Floor

– Book Lounge

  • You can relax with light meals or beverages in the Book Lounge. 
  • There are some vending machines and newspapers that you can use.
  • Platanus Café opens on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the lounge to serve coffee and cookies.

– Service desk
  • Please feel free to ask our staff members at the service desk any questions regarding the use of the library.

– Browsing area
  • The Medical Library owns a collection of  books in the field of medical science. The collection is arranged by number according to the NLM (U.S. National Library of Medicine) classification system. 

– New arrivals section 

– Medical basics book section
  • You can find frequently used books here. These books are for in-library use only; however, we provide copies available for loan on  other shelves in the library.

– Audiovisual materials section
  • Please check out audiovisual materials at the service desk to borrow them or use them in this section. Please be informed that items with the red seal "館内" are for IN-LIBRARY USE ONLY.   
  • Visitors can enjoy audiovisual materials at the AV booth in the library but cannot take them out to borrow.  

– C
  • Two copiers are available in front of the service desk: one is coin-operated and the other is prepaid-card operated.

– Private study rooms (Reservations required.)
  • There are four rooms that can be used for private study. 

II. Second Floor

– Self-study room
  •  There are about 48 desk sets available for self-study in this room. 

– Open studio
  • This area is available without reservations for activities like group learning, practice, etc., that make use of movable tables and whiteboards.

     – Group studio 
(Reservations required)

  • There are four rooms available for group learning . The capacity of each room is up to eight people.

– Juzen Memorial Studio
  • Please ask the library staff members about use of this studio.

– Copier
  • A prepaid-card operated copier is available.

– Computers

  • There are 24 computers available for Kanazawa University members. 
  • A Kanazawa University network ID is necessary to use one.

– Current journals

 There are periodicals from the current year available.

III. Third Floor

– Third floor stack
  • Materials published in 1990 and earlier editions are available in the stack. 
  • Japanese periodicals published in 1944 and before are also available.
   ※Certain areas of the floor are not available to enter.

IV. Fourth Floor

– Fourth floor stack

  • You can find the following materials here;
  1. Japanese periodicals published in 1945 and later 
  2. Western periodicals published in 1970 and later

Borrowing Materials

  • You can use your Student ID card or personal ID card as a Library Card. 

See the following links about use of a library card.
For students 
For staff 
For external users 
  • Check-out and Returns
Please use the self-service checkout machine in front of the service desk.
Please check the following materials out at the service desk:

Materials without barcodes 
Books with appendixes
Audiovisual materials
Journals that are not bound

Some reference books and audiovisual materials are not available for loan. Those materials have labels that say "館内" or "禁帯出." 

When the library is closed, please return books at the book return box outside the entrance on the E building side.
You can also return them to any campus libraries at Kanazawa University. 

★ Overdue Penalties 
Your borrowing privileges will be suspended if you have overdue materials.
If you return materials late, after return, your account will be suspended from borrowing any materials from any libraries in Kanazawa University for the number of days that you were late.

● Lending periods and number of materials

         Books  Bound periodicals    Unbound periodicals    AV materials  
 Medical Library    14 days
  5 books (5 books) 
 7 days
 6 books (X)
 Next day
 3 books (X)
 7 days
 2 books (X)

"( )" is for external users. "X" means that external users cannot borrow the materials.

● Renewing the borrowing period
Renewal of the borrowing period is possible once, and only if no one else has reserved the book.

To renew a loan period, please use the checkout machine or visit the service desk.

Internal users  can use the Library Online Service for renewal.
Please login at “Library Online Service” on the Kanazawa University Library website.
External users  can renew by telephone during office hours.

● Reservation
You can reserve material that is out on loan to another borrower.
Internal users can reserve it from the search result in OPAC plus.
If you are an external user,  please contact us for reservations.


●OPAC plus (Online Public Access Catalog)
Search by accessing the following URL on the Internet.

  Materials Locations
    ”医学図開架” means books available for open access in the Medical Library.
    Books with a call number that begins with a number or letter in the alphabet are located in the book area in the reading area of the first floor, but audiovisual materials are located near the AV booths.

     Books with a call number that begins with "大" are located in pressmark no.01.
         Books with a call number that begins with "史” or "業" are not available.
         Because these books are in corrugated cardboard boxestheir use is difficult.

    ”医学図雑誌” means periodicals in the Medical Library
      Medical periodicals are located in the stacks on the fourth floor.
    Periodicals from the current year are located on the second floor.

    ”医学図書庫” means materials in the archives
      These are currently unavailable, because they were packed in cardboard boxes.

    ”医学図別置4” means materials arranged in Sub-library 4
      They are located in the stacks on the third floor.
      This section contains materials from 1990 and earlier and prior editions of general works. 

    "医+ Name of course" and "病 + Name of course" denote laboratory collections
    These materials are located in medical staff offices or laboratories.
    Students and staff of the Takara-machi-Tsuruma Campus may borrow these materials directly from the medical offices.
    Students and staff of the Kakuma Campus may request to loan/ copy them at the nearest library.
     External users cannot use these directly. Please contact us for details.


If you would like to make a photocopy of the materials in the library, please use the copiers.
Please fill out the application form for document copying and make your own copies.
Both the coin-operated and prepaid card machines charge 10 yen/sheet. The color copier (50 yen/sheet) accepts prepaid card only.
You can purchase prepaid cards at the Kanazawa University Co-op (Seikyo) service counters.

Requests for loans and photocopies from other libraries (available only to persons affiliated with the university)

If the materials you require are not in the medical library, they can be ordered from the holdings of the Kakuma Campus or other universities.
You must pay the fees. Please login from “Library Online Service” on the Kanazawa University Library website. 

Book purchase request (available only to persons affiliated with the university)

If you think our library should purchase materials (except periodicals) for research and study purposes, let us know. 
Please login from “Library Online Service” on the Kanazawa University Library website, and enter the information pertaining to the materials into the online form.