For Visitors

1. For local community users
When you visit the library

The materials at our library may be used by anyone. When you visit the library, please fill out the visitor registration form at the entrance.

However, in cases you wish to use valuable or specified materials, please contact us beforehand via your university’s library or a nearby public library and submit a FAX or written request.

Also, the materials that are not kept by the library (i.e. materials owned by research labs) may not be used by just visiting the library. Please submit a request through your university’s library or a nearby public library.

(2) Borrowing materials

If you are a regular user and wish to borrow materials, please bring an ID (such as driver’s license) with your full name and present address on it, and come to the Service Desk. We will issue you a “Library User Ticker” after you complete the required fields in the “Request Form.”

Persons listed below may borrow materials.

– KU alumni or former employees

– Residents of the three Hokuriku prefectures or persons who work or go to school in Ishikawa

Moreover, the Library User Ticket is valid until the end of the fiscal year.

(3) Borrowing materials without visiting the library (Use through inter-library cooperation)

It is possible to borrow materials remotely, without making a visit, through your university’s library or a nearby public library.

Please see below for the details (in Japanese.)

→ 一般利用者用ガイド(一般利用者用)
→ 金沢大学附属図書館所蔵の貴重資料・準貴重資料の利用について

(4) If you visit by a car

  • If you visit the Central Library, use B or G Parking Lot
  • If you visit the Natural Sciences and Technology Library, use M Parking Lot.

 [Campus map →  kakuma_map.pdf ]

Parking lots are very crowded until around 5 p.m. when the classes are in session. Please visit by means of public transportation (bus) if possible.


[Issuing a Temporary Parking Permit]

The Central Library and the Natural Sciences & Technology Library issue temporary parking permit for their regular users. Please inform a staff member at the service desk of your car’s number, type and color.


The permit is issued during the following time period: Until 5 p.m. when the classes are in session.

If you wish to park after 5 p.m. or on a weekend or during holidays, you do not need a parking permit to park on Kakuma Campus. Please use Parking Lot B, G or M.


The temporary parking permit is valid during the following periods:

First Term: Application during April to July: Valid until September 30 of the same fiscal year.

Second Term: Application during October to February: Valid until March 31 of the same fiscal year.


Extension may be made at the time of your first visit after expiration. Please bring your Temporary Parking Permit and Library User Ticket.


Only the person who made the request for the permit may use it.

The temporary parking permit issued by the university library is for regular users, and if the university’s student uses it inappropriately, he or she may be punished accordingly.

Also, in case of inappropriate use, the permit will immediately become invalid and the Student Affairs Section will be notified.

◆If you visit the Medical Library, please come to the service desk and you will be issued a parking discount ticket (worth 150 yen).
There is not enough parking, and it is very crowded at all times. Please come by means of public transportation if possible.


2. For faculty and staff of other universities or public libraries

Please see below for the procedures to request ILL materials photocopy, borrow ILL materials, or request cooperation in survey.


→ 利用者より相談を受けられた図書館員の方へ

Each library has different library hours and services. If you have any questions, please call us between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

  • Central Library
  • [General] Central Library Section TEL:076-264-5224 E-mail:
    [ILL] Inter-library Section TEL:076-264-5212 E-mail:

  • Natural Science and Technology Library TEL:076-264-6554 E-mail:
  • Medical Library TEL:076-265-2141 E-mail:    
  • Health Science Library TEL:076-265-2518 E-mail: