LiLAとAAによる学修相談@図書館を利用しませんか?         Q3 Learning Support by the University Library

Q3から対面による授業が中心となりました! 学修・研究に関して相談したいことはありませんか?













内容:日常の勉強法/レポートや論文の書き方/プレゼンテーションの方法/図書館の利用方法 etc.






AA(国際基幹教育院 井上咲希先生)


曜日・時間 火・木 16:45-18:15











To All KU Students,


The libraries of Kanazawa University offer learning support through a network of Library Learning Advisor (LiLA) and Academic Advisor (AA) to help students get over difficulties on studying and get better results.

The learning support offered by LiLAs and AA is not only conducted face-to-face but also provides online learning support via Zoom.


All students are encouraged to access these services.



Open Hours:Monday to Friday, 13:15 to 16:30

Place:@Central Library Polaris Studio & @NST Library

Consultation contents:

・Studying methods and tips at the university.

・Fundamental principles of writing academic reports.

・Guidance on using library services.

・Languages studying supports (daily conversation practice, discussion on learning tips)  

・Advices on writing Japanese, English, etc. essays (Document translating is not applicable)

※As each advisor has their own strong points, please check the timetable at the Library entrance or our homepage via link below to get more information about the advisors and their working schedule to get the best supports.


■AA(Institute of Liberal Arts and Science Professor Inoue Saki)

Open Hours:Tuesday & Thursday 16:45-18:15

Place:@Central Library Polaris Studio

Consultation contents:

Supports on studying methods, especially English learning tips


■Timetable and guidance on online access

Please check out the specialization of the advisors and guidance on online access at Learning Support page via the following link.

Learning Support page