About LeCIS


Learning Concierge for International Students (LeCIS)

■ Purpose
Our Leaning Concierge for International Students (hereafter LeCIS) service aims to provide a substantial learning environment in which students actively and spontaneously study by engaging postgraduate students at Kanazawa University in providing instructions or consultations to international students that assist in their use of the library and in related services at the library. This service is mainly led by the university library based on the Basic Guidelines for LeCIS.

LeCIS 2015

■ Activity
(1) Giving learning support at the Global Communication Studio
Using the languages they can speak, LeCIS give individual consultations or instructions to international students. They are located in the Global Communication Studios in the Central Library and the Natural Science and Technology Library.
  1. How to make academic reports, papers, or presentations.
  2. How to study at the university in general
  3. How to study science subjects
  4. How to make use of the university library and search for academic material
(2) As assistant LeCIS can help to organize seminars as well as events regarding foreign languages. They may also work as instructors or assistants in seminars or orientations led by the university library.
(3) Helping library staff with related services
The number of LeCIS working this year
Central Library: Six graduate students
Natural Science and Technology Library: Six graduate students 

■ Employment
LeCIS are employed based on the guidelines shown at the link below.
■ Others
This service is part of Top Global University Project at Kanazawa University.

■ Contact

Central Library Section and Natural Science and Technology Library Section