平成29年度 留学生ラーニング・コンシェルジュの募集について
Learning Concierge for International Students (LeCIS) 
Guidelines for Applicants 2017
1 募集人数 Job openings: 
中央図書館勤務 1 名程度
  Working at the Central Library  About 1 student
自然科学系図書館勤務 1 名程度
  Working at the Natural Science and Technology Library  About 1 student
2 採用期間 Employment period:
  October 1,2017 to February 9, 2018
3 応募資格  Qualification requirements:
  Graduate student whose mother tongue is English or whose English is very fluent and also has daily-level Japanese fluency.
4 勤務内容 Work content: 
(1) 中央図書館又は自然科学系図書館内の国際交流スタジオ等での個別支援(主な支援対象:留学生)
    Provide individualized instruction at the Central Library or the Natural Science & Technology Library. Major target users are the international students of Kanazawa University.
  ① レポート・論文の作成及びプレゼンテーション支援
  ② 学術資料の探し方 
  ③ 学習に関する相談全般  
  ④ 外国語学習への支援 
 Support for writing a term report or a thesis and making a presentation  
         Offer basic advice on how to write  academic reports or papers
  ② Support for searching for academic information
         Offer advice on how to search for academic  books  and journal articles.
  ③ General learning support
         Offer advice on how to study at the university. 
  ④  language study support
         Offer advice on how to study non-Japanese language.          

(2) セミナー,オリエンテーション等のイベントでの講師等の担当
 Instruction at the seminar hosted  by the library.

(3) 国際交流ルーム等で行うイベントの企画・運営
   Plan events at the Global Communication Studio
(4) 附属図書館業務の補助
  Supporting the library staff
  ① 附属図書館の参考調査業務の補助 
  ② 自分の専門分野に関する「資料の探し方」Webページの作成
  ③ 自分の専門分野に関する学生用図書の選書
  ④ 附属図書館の利用案内リーフレット等の作成補助

  ① Reference service
  ② Making the library’s web page
  ③ Selection of the books for students
  ④ Making library’s user guide leaflet

5 勤務時間  Work hours:
・Monday – Friday. Mainly in the afternoon.  More detail will be decided after mutual consultation.
・More than 90 minutes per week
・The upper limit of work hours per week is 28 hours, which includes your work hour as TA, RA, ALA, LA and so on. 
6 勤務場所 Work place:
金沢大学附属図書館 中央図書館 または 自然科学系図書館
Central Library or Natural Science and Technology Library, Kanazawa University 
7 勤務条件 Working terms and conditions:

・You have to receive some training as LeCIS and Kanazawa University’s staff.
・You have to attend the meetings, which are intended to interact with LeCIS and the Library staff and share some information.
8 給与 Salary:
(1) 大学院生(博士前期課程):1時間  1,240円,大学院生(博士後期課程):1時間 1,400円
Graduate student (Master’s Level): 1240 yen per hour
Graduate student (Doctoral Level): 1400 yen per hour

(2) 通勤手当は支給しません。
Transport allowance is not paid.
9 応募期間  Application period:
 平成29926日まで     September26th, 2017
10 応募方法 How to apply:
 Fill in the predefined entry form, in which your adviser’s signature is required, and submit at the circulation desk of the library.
LeCIS Entry Form(EXCEL)
11 採用方法 Recruitment  method:
     After adjusting the interview hours, the library staff will interview you and notify the result.
12 その他 Other:
    You must present the documents which are needed for your employment.
    Your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the library’s activity.
 <問い合わせ先 Contact>
情報サービス課 中央図書館係(担当:守本,中本 )
Central Library, Kanazawa University (contact person: Shun Morimoto or Etsuko Nakamoto)
TEL: 076-264-5211
E-mail: etsuran@adm.kanazawa-u.ac.jp