Borrowing confirming renewing

Confirmation of lending / reservation status · Procedure for extension of lending period

From the library online service, you can confirm your own lending status and extend the loan period.

In addition, you can check the status of the item reserved via OPAC plus.

You can renew the following books:
1. Books not reserved
2. Books not overdue
3. Books not renewed more than allowed

* Materials that cannot be renewed because regulations of individual libraries are excluded.
* If you are not a member of Kanazawa University, please visit our Service Counter.

Procedures for extension are as follows:

Place the cursor on "Lending and reservation situation" from the menu above and click "Lending situation".

②Select the item you want to extend (check the box on the left) from "."

③Click  “Renew Selected”.
④After confirming the list under "",  click "Renew saved".